Are you in a schism with you? I was doing some research and I ran across this word which means division or disunion, according to says:

Once schisms appear, they are hard to conceal. They lead to division of a group into opposing factions.

Many people struggle with internal schisms. We second-guess our self-worth, identity, and purpose. We know we are destined to do something great, but we self-sabotage. We sabotage our relationships and our financial, physical, mental, and spiritual health because we are not sure we are worthy.

Again, are you in a schism with you? The Bible says it this way:

“if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand” (Mark 3:25, ESV).

It is time for us to take responsibility for our BEing. We are called to BE great, which means we already have the power to do so. We must address our negative beliefs about ourselves and realize we are destined for greatness. The fact that you are still here on earth means there is something for you to do. There is not a shortage of purpose jobs.

Your destiny is calling. Will you answer?

I will admit, I am here with you. I recently wondered why things weren’t working out like I was expecting them to. I wondered where the disconnect was happening in my life. For me, I have the desire to become successful, but I wasn’t making the sacrifice.

I recently learned that how you feel about yourself shows up everywhere! It shows up in your relationships, it shows up in your business, it shows up – or not – in your bank account. Why? Because when I don’t value myself, I don’t properly value the things I am trying to produce…which is a schism.

Somehow, someway I held on to the belief that I wasn’t worthy, and I didn’t deserve better. Though I was striving and making “boss moves,” I was doing them from a mediocre standpoint and energy. Success takes HIGH ENERGY. You must be intentional, willing to make sacrifices, and willing to shift your mindset.

The most important thing we own is our time. This is where my biggest lesson is coming from in this season. I am the sleep-to-the-last-minute-and-rush-to-get-out-the-door type of girl (I know). I am also the person who writes a to-do list, but I don’t make a concrete plan to get it done…therefore, I am up at three am writing a paper I knew was due two weeks ago. Can somebody say FOOLISHNESS?

I have listened to many videos and done my research. What I’ve learned is this: Successful people are good stewards of their time. Simply put, they live by a schedule. They have a plan. They know what’s going on with their day. They are NOT ‘flying by the seat of their pants.’

What is your schism with you? Are you ready to confront it? Today was Day 1 for me, and I must admit, I feel accomplished and looking forward to Day 2 and so on…

But Nicole, you’re just on Day 1! You can’t preach to me!

Oh, precious one, I am preaching to myself and I’m letting you sit in on the conversation. This is also a space of accountability. Just in case you are with me and need accountability as well, hit me up in the comments or follow my insta-stories on IG. I’ll be posting!