Books by Nicole

I am an author who seeks to empower and encourage others through both fiction and nonfiction publications. I released Texts From an Angel in 2019, and I am looking forward to releasing my autobiography soon. If you would like to purchase either book, please click the book’s image.

The Life of an Overmer – NOW ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS!

Welcome to my life, my pulpit – the life of an overcomer. I am not only a survivor, but I am thriving! I am overcoming depression, anxiety, PTSD, cutting, and several suicide attempts. In these pages, you will receive my story and my journey as I overcome. You will learn about my journey from abuse, to attempting suicide, to hospital stays, to surviving and then thriving. I tell my story, which is yet unfolding, to extend hope. I pray that you are encouraged and empowered to keep living. I pray the words written on these pages give you hope and that you will want to see the bright future before you.

The Life of an Overcomer releases August 28, 2021!

A 7-Day Journey for the Overcomer: A Devotional

The life of an overcomer is parallel to the life of a disciple. The life of a disciple is a life of discipline.
No matter what you aspire to do: lose weight, go to school, start a business, write a book, overcome… you must subscribe to discipline.
Too many people give up when things get hard. They make a mistake and forfeit the progress they’ve made. They give up. Yeah, we will talk about “them” because we’d never do that, right? WRONG!
Now enters this seven-day journey. The purpose of this devotional is to give you a jump start – a diving board – to push you into having (or continuing) the life of an overcomer.
Come on! Let’s work!

Texts From an Angel

There are legions upon legions of angels on assignment from God. They are here to help, protect, and guide us. Texts by an Angel is a compilation of short stories that are about the influence, interference, and shenanigans of angels. What do you need your angels for? They get extremely joyful at the opportunity to serve you.