Story Time!


Just a quick update on my 2020. So, I started grad school. Whew! #futuretherapist on deck. Just as I was getting settled into my coursework, I had a bit of a setback with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. 😩 However, I paid a visit to the psychiatrist, got my meds in order and I’m feeling better. You know my motto: Christ, community, and counseling.Β 

I still have a few stories left for the Overcomer’s Hall of Fame and I’m hoping to get one to you soon. I got my book back from the editor and…well, I’m getting to it. I was having an especially hard week a couple of weeks ago and I decided to distract myself with some silly short stories. I want to share them with you. Hopefully, they make you smile.



My cat chased my fish around my apartment. The fish got so tired of him that he turned around and started slapping Jose with his fins, then he cussed me out for letting Jose chase him! I told him to get his ass, I mean his fins, back in his bowl before he dies of dryation because I’m not beneath frying his ass for dinner!


Pig things…

img_0112I purchased a miniature pig. I have somehow managed to potty train him and allow him to sleep on my bed because he trained so well. Well, I came home today to mud and dirt everywhere!

I said, “Wilbur! We talked about this! What the hell!”

Wilbur said (yes, I translate pig), “You’re kind, smart, important or whatever but WE didn’t talk about this. I’m a pig! I do pig things!”


“Keep on being a pig, hear? Yo ass is little, but I can get a few slices of bacon out of you! Now go to your room!”

On his way to his room, he was talking mess. “Raggedy lady. She knew I was a pig when she brought me here. Damn humans.”

“I can hear you, Wilbur!”

Keep moving…

img_0111I was walking down the street and ran into my old friend George. “What’s up, George? How’s it going?”

“What’s up shawty? Slow boogie ma’am. Slow boogie.”

“Who you calling short? I know newborns who crawl faster than you’re walking.”

“But you slowed down your short self to talk to me. I’m a little low on flattery today.”

“You’re a little low alright,” I mumbled and we shared a chuckle at our banter. We always acted like this with each other.

“Keep your head up, little mama. It gets better. Look at me. I’m 129 years old. I may be moving slow, but I’m still moving. You got it? Keep moving. And you got to live to keep moving. It gets better, I promise. Too old to lie to ya. Now go on, you slowing me down.”Smh πŸ˜‚. “Good old George. Thanks.”


  1. Thanks so much for these short stories and the much needed laugh! πŸ˜‚ Congrats on your acceptance to grad school! Whoo-hoo!!!πŸŽ‰



  2. Thanks so much for these short stories and the much needed laugh! They were great!πŸ˜‚ Congratulations on your acceptance to grad school! Whoo-hoo!!! You CAN do it!πŸŽ‰

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