Anxiety: sick. of. it!

Hey overcomers! How are you?

Am I the only one who’s sick of anxiety? It doesn’t call and ask if it can come over. It doesn’t text. It comes with no warning and I’m sick of it! The irrational thoughts, unexplained irritability, overthinking, lack of concentration, tight muscles… I’M. SICK. OF. IT!


Yeah…This is how I’m feeling about this.

I wake up every morning expecting to have an anxiety free day, then it shows up. The most frustrating part it is sometimes I’m not aware until I get home and I’m so exhausted I can’t see straight.

Oh, but anxiety, I’m gonna beat you. You are not going get the best of me!

So what’s my plan? You know I have one, right? Well, I think I do. The first part of my plan in to take things one day or moment at a time.

Secondly, I’m researching and asking questions. If you have seen my recent posts and videos, you know that anxiety manifested as intense anger for me late last year which surprised me. I’m researching ways that this thing presents itself so that I can work toward fixing it.

It seems like a lofty goal, but I’m determined that anxiety is not going to rule my life anymore. The more I know, the better I’m equipped to be proactive in fighting it.

Guess what? I’m still an overcomer.

And so are you!

I’ll keep praying. I’ll keep going to counseling. I’ll keep utilizing my community (sigh…I know this is hard).

Thank you for listening to my little rant.

I tell myself the same thing I tell you: “You can do it!”





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