Out for Delivery?

You ever been expecting a package and used the tracking system to see where it is? You get the tracking number and you check the website once or twice a day.


This is the lot of our lives. When we talk about salvation, which is synonymous with deliverance, that’s our experience. Just to be clear: we are not working toward salvation. We are not working to earn anything from God. He already calls us righteous. He already call us His.

So what is this about? From birth to death, we are a package in transit, and until we reach the end we will always be overcoming, always working, always building to be who God called us to be, always improving on who we are. Think about the person you look up to the most. As wonderful as you know they are, they have things in their life they’re working on. They have struggles too.

So don’t be discouraged. Remember, you’re a package in transit. It looks like this:

You’re born -> You crawl, then walk -> You go to school -> You go to college/work -> Break up # 1 -> Break up # 2, etc. -> Mental Health Issues -> Financial Issues -> Divorce -> Betrayal -> Insecurity -> Family Issues…

You see? There will always be something. But guess what? You have what it takes to overcome it all. We learned it when we watched The Lion King – it’s the circle of life. No one is exempt.

Here’s the assignment: Every time you face something new, think back to the last thing you overcame. You made it through when you didn’t think you would, right? You’ll make it through this one too.

I pray this blessed you. Remember, if you need counseling, go. Utilize your community. And most importantly, Christ is always available. His love is so wide and deep that you will never be able to comprehend it.

Until next time…




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