Tough Love


Hello, Overcomers!

 Are you in counseling? Do you have people in your life that can tell you the truth? It’s important for your success.

One of the things that I learned when I first started counseling was about cognitive distortions. In other words, irrational thinking.

What my counselor would do was ask me about how I was processing or perceiving my life or a situation. If my thoughts were irrational, she would say, “how did you come to that conclusion?” or, “You made a mistake; however, that does not make you a failure.” or “Do you realize that was an irrational thought?”

So, for a little tough love today, I want to encourage you to allow people to confront your irrational thinking – My life is over! I’m a horrible person. I’m never going to get over this! I’m stupid! I’m never going to get better! – These are all examples of irrational thinking. (Remember our affirmations?)

I want to give you some food for thought regarding counseling. If all you do is sit on a sofa or chair and talk, but never gain any coping skills, emotional management skills, or tools to do life as “normal” as possible (I use that term loosely) then I would like for you to reconsider your therapist or counselor.

If your “squad” never confronts you or challenges you, push you, or encourage you to do better, be better, and have better? Chances are you might be in the wrong squad.

Thought for today:
When I was in college, my intent was to come a Social Worker. The theme of Social Work was to empower.

To empower someone means to give (someone) the authority or power to do something. It also means to make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

This is (in my opinion) the point of having a counselor, therapist, or even your friends. I believe that we should all be empowering someone in life.

I pray that through your encounters, whether it be your peers or professional counseling, that you would be made stronger and more confident about your life and your future.

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