Under Construction

Happy Friday, Overcomers!!!

I want to be transparent with you today. This blogging thing is more than a notion. (That’s what the old people used to say, lol.) Basically, it’s more to it than just writing. I write this blog in hopes that it will help someone and encourage them on their journey.

The transparency that happens on this blog is indeed on purpose. Some days it can be a little much – hence why I’ll be revamping to twice a week. I hope you stay with me, and feel free to like and share.

I realized last night, while talking to my coach that my life is under construction. In the past eight months, God has been very instrumental in helping me to shift my perspective, evaluate relationships, set boundaries, and “remodel” those things about me that are less than standard for what my future calls for.

Such is the life of an overcomer, right? I know I say this all the time, but my community aka “squad” has been very instrumental in making sure that I am okay.

Thought for today:

Just recently, I was having a bad week. I had calls and texts from people who checked on me and asked me if everything was ok. I want to encourage you to allow someone in your life. Let people in. You’re worth their investment. I promise you are.

When a house or building is under construction, there are many roles: plumber, electrician, architect, etc. On this journey, you need all of the people God puts in your life to help you. While one person prays, one will make you laugh and the other will just listen or take you out for tea or a long drive.

So, it’s the weekend and I want to encourage you to get out. Get some sun! Hang out with some friends. Meet some new people! You can do it! Let’s go!

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