Again and Again


Happy Tuesday Overcomers!

So I woke up this morning thinking about this blog. I’m about twenty-one days into this. However, I didn’t wake up this morning with a positive thought or an idea regarding what I would write today.

Instead, I woke up thinking, “What am I doing? Who cares about what I have to say? There are many others that have blogs and they do a much better job.” Etcetera, etcetera…

What a defeated attitude, right? So what did I do? I had to have a conversation with myself. I said this to myself: “First of all, ma’am, what if your favorite restaurant decided not to open because there are other restaurants? Your job is to do what you do!” For every restaurant that has one hundred people that don’t like them, there are one thousand people that do.

So what is the conclusion from this conversation?

~Out of all the billions of people in the world, there is a group of them that your life, your words, and your experiences are attached to them and their ability to overcome.

~The ONLY person you ought to be concerned with is YOU – and being a better version of yourself each day. God only requires us to walk our own journey.

~Comparison is an enemy to your self-esteem and your future – don’t dishonor yourself or your God this way.


Thought for today:
The truth of the matter is, I’ll probably have to have this conversation with myself again and again. But I will keep reminding myself until my heart, mind and soul gets the message.

What conversation of defeat is going on in your mind? I believe that 99.89% of what hinders many of us is the conversation going on in our minds. My hope and prayer is that we will not live with a defeated mind, but one of an overcomer.


  1. This is your God given gift. You were placed here to help people OVERCOME! So whether or not you feel like anyone cares what you are doing it’s always at least one persons life you are impacting. You may save that ONE persons life because of your words and your testimony. What you do isn’t for you. It’s for that ONE. Love you!

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