Good morning Overcomers!

As I prayed for you this morning, I prayed for the joy of the Lord to overtake you. I pray that you are so consumed with the joy of the Lord that negativity will not consume you and that you find strength in knowing who God is, and who He called you to be.

So, I did a mini study on joy. Jack Wellman says that, “Joy is an emotion that’s acquired by the anticipation, acquisition or even the expectation of something great or wonderful.” This definition feels special to me. To me it means that joy, which has nothing to do with your situation, is about expectation.

During my lowest moments in dealing with depression, anxiety, cutting, etcetera, I didn’t have an expectation that things would ever get better for me. That’s what depression does, it drains you of hope, strength, and meaningful experiences that could change your life. It doesn’t allow you to expect things to get better for you.

Joy says that even though things look bad right now, I am anticipating my life getting better. It looks and feels different for each person, but what cannot be denied is that it joy brings with it a calmness and a peace – a knowing that, on the other side of this trauma, I’m going to be okay.

This sounds a lot like faith, right? The way I understand it, is that faith is assurance and being convinced about something you haven’t seen yet. Joy is the emotion that comes from the faith (knowing) that what you believe will produce evidence in your life.

Let’s think on that.

Thought for today:

What if I’m the evidence that you can get past depression, that you will overcome the darkness that tries to swallow you? What I am trying to do is initiate your faith that, though you are down right now, you won’t always be here. You will rise. You will walk in joy and peace.

I don’t care about you being happy (although I want you to be happy). Happiness is like a Popsicle. As soon as it changes its environment, it loses its “popsicle-ness” (I know, that was extra. LOL)

I am praying for joy for you. Joy is a permanent emotion. No matter what, like the air that you breathe, joy is present.



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