Anxiety & Panic Attacks


Well, it’s Friyay!! How you doing? How’s your week?

I’d love to hear from you. You can comment on this post or on the top of the page is a contact button. I’d like to know how this blog is going for you.

Alright, let’s get to work. So, as you can see, the subject is anxiety. Anxiety or panic attacks is not something to be ashamed of.

I think when people think anxiety, they think of a person with lack of faith or strength. This is partially true, but this has nothing to do with a clinical diagnosis of anxiety or having panic attacks. The type of anxiety I believe they’re speaking of is, if you have a situation and you’re fretting and nervous over it to the extent where you don’t trust God to take care of you, then yes that’s a lack of faith. We’ve all been in a season where we lacked faith – until we learned better. However, that’s another lesson.

To have anxiety or panic attacks is a medical or psychological diagnosis or issue such as high blood pressure or getting a headache. No condemnation in that, right? Right.

The point of this discussion is to help you not be anxious about the issue of anxiety, when it stems from a medical standpoint (keep in mind this is all my opinion after years of dealing with anxiety and panic attacks as well as my faith in God).

So here is my plan for anxiety attacks (as taught to me by my therapist):

  • Breath. Yes, deep slow breathes. Count them down.
  • Talk to yourself. I’m okay, I’m not dying, I can do this.
  • If you have access to water or a peice of food, eat or drink it. Eating or drinking sends the message to your body thang every thing is ok. (My therapist taught me this)
  • Do the breathing again.
  • When you are talking yourself through it, and begin to calm down, begin to remind yourself as you exhale things like, God loves me, I am His child, etc.
  • Once you feel your breathing return to normal, smile! You made it through!!

Thought for today:

Life is what it is. You have God, who loves you, and some tools to make it through. I’m going to ask you again, as you go into the weekend, touch base with your friends. Hang out. Have some fun. Get some sun! You can do this!

If you are enjoying this blog or it is helping you in any way, please feel free to like and share. I welcome your comments.
See you tomorrow!

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