Good morning! Happy Monday! I pray you had an awesome weekend!

So, this blog has ripped me apart – already! Many things I wrote last week was hard, but this is a new week. What I want to address is shame. Shame lives with fear, anxiety, guilt, and regret. And that’s just a few of their friends. I didn’t realize until recently that I was wearing shame like a warm blanket. This weekend I burned that blanket!

Shame creates many negative emotions in your mind. No wonder I was stuck! Here are some things shame does for you:

  • Every time you go to make a positive move, shame reminds you why you don’t deserve something better.
  • It causes you to speak negative things over yourself.
  • It causes you to disrespect yourself – all in the name of “keeping it real.”
  • It’s a roadblock to positivity.
  • Shame reminds you of what you “don’t deserve.”
  • Shame tells you that you are a failure and a mistake. (You may have failed and you may have made a mistake, but that is NOT. WHO. YOU. ARE.)

The crazy thing about shame is that you can be making some significant positive changes in your life, but it will make your vision of yourself be distorted where you won’t see the progress you’ve made. Shame is like a leash. It says, “I’ll let you accomplish a few things, but there’s only so much I’m going to let you do.” The devil is a liar!

God doesn’t come with a leash. God is freedom. He is love. The limits that may come with serving God are for our benefit, but it is never to keep us from soaring. There is so much more to us and for us. Shame won’t allow you to get to it. When shame is your driver, you will hit a dead end every time. With God as your driver, your riding companions are joy, peace, boldness, and confidence!

Thought for today:

We don’t have to live with shame. The only way you live with something is to agree with it. So you have to come out of agreement with it. It sounds something like this: “I come out of agreement with shame. Shame, you are no longer my friend and we can’t be roommates. Either you go or I go. I’m moving in with joy, peace, and the confidence. Dear Lord, help me to divorce shame for the last time. When she tries to show up and nag me, help me to kick her in her teeth and send her away. Thank you for cutting the leash off and giving me the ability to soar! In Jesus name, amen.”

When a negative thought comes to you to remind yourself of your past. Remind yourself that you are no longer that person. Remember when we talked about doing the work? I would venture to say that about 98.5% of that work is changing your mind. We’re in this together. We can do it! It’s not easy work, but it’s definitely rewarding work. No matter what, God loves you – you are not exempt from that.



  1. I kicked shame in the teeth!!!
    Thank you sis , this right here blessed my whole life. I’m so proud of you and believe me when I tell you that each one of your blogs has caused me to reevaluate my self and get my life all the way together. Sometimes we think we are over a thing but ohhh how God quickly reminds us through blogs like yours or a word and sometimes a conversation! I’m honored to do life with you!❤️ #tothefuturewego

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