Welcome to Day 1!


Happy Monday, and welcome to my blog! The purpose of this blog is to empower and encourage you, and to give you hope and a reminder that you are an OVERCOMER!!!

Just a little about me:

In 2003, I was diagnosed with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), General Anxiety, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). To top it all off, I am a former cutter. The first few years were the hardest. The way I felt about myself was negative. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I hated what this thing had done to me, and I hated how I was. I kept telling myself, “You’re making this up. Nobody is this stupid.” Then there was the struggle with trying to figure out if my faith was intact. Did I still believe in God? Did he love me at all? Was he angry with me for allowing this “thing” to happen to me?

My overcoming is a result of Jesus, my determination to get better, and counseling. In Isaiah, he is called the Wonderful Counselor. I began to follow some wise advice – talk to your counselor, get some sun (nature’s Prozac), become a part of a community, come out of isolation, and most importantly, laugh! It’s like a divine recipe, right?

So, let’s go on a journey. I will share with you about my life, ways that I have overcome, and most important – I will share about Jesus. He is my source and my sustainer. Ma’am, sir, I will not apologize for that. Again, my goal is to empower and encourage. I have a special project I’m working on for the near future, so stay tuned!

My thought for today:

A wise woman once said, “It is not a badge of honor to suffer in silence.” There are too many people in this world. Somebody cares about you. Someone will show you compassion. God wouldn’t create you and leave you alone. Get community. Make some friends. Not everyone is bad, ma’am/sir. Trust me; I learned the hard way. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about it at some point.

Have a wonderful, overcoming day!


  1. Thank you for allowing us to share in your journey to being healed, delivered and whole. You are truly a beautiful spirit inside and out. I’m so honored that I get to call you a sister in Christ and friend!! To the future you go!!



  2. I really enjoyed reading this blog, thank you for being so Transparent and thank you for the sharing of your journey and your obedience to help bring others out.
    I can’t wait for more

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  3. I’m glad to see you back blogging & now you have much more to blog about. Thank you for being open & sharing your experience. Just never know how many lives will be changed because of your obedience. I’m honored to know you then & now. It blesses my soul to see how much you’ve overcome & accomplished by the Grace of God. I’m ready for more. Standing by. Love you Coco.

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  4. I am so excited about your future and where you are now and how far God has brought you sista/friend. I am a witness to your testimony. I thank God for you then And I thank God for you now. You have arrived sista/friend. Keep telling your story.

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